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Transforming the Marketplace of the Future

Previously published in Soulwoman eMagazine – March 2013 Transformation Issue. To download current issue for FREE click here! We live in a world of transition, both positive and negative.  Sometimes we transform on our own accord and sometimes we must adapt to the environment around us.  Even if we resist, the change still occurs and the cycle […] Read More

Break Free and Create

We often struggle because we find ourselves stuck. We feel dissatisfied with the way things are, but have uncertainty regarding how to move forward. It’s as if something deep inside needs to surface but cannot. This is a sign that your soul needs to break away and be free. Find value in this world by […] Read More

What Do Your Company Colors Say to Your Customers?

Do you put much thought into the color schemes of your website, logo, and advertisements? Different types of colors can telegraph many different emotions and elicit many different responses. When setting up your next promotion, consider which one of these best represents the message your business is trying to get across: Red Red draws attention. […] Read More

4 Ways to Maximize Your Potential for Organic Growth

What is “organic growth?” Well, first, unlike organic chemistry, organic growth does not involve carbon. Unless you’re a coal plant. Then it might. But otherwise, organic growth concerns the positive expansion or negative contraction of a business based on the size of its customer base. Continually positive organic growth typically demonstrates an ability to attract […] Read More

Learning The Birds & The Bees of Online Marketing

Dear reader, please sit down. It’s time we had an important discussion. You’ve been on the Internet long enough now to learn about the differences between men and women. While both men and women think about the Internet and enjoy going online, different sexes get their satisfaction from their activities differently. Successful online marketing depends […] Read More

Stop Speaking to the Void and Get People Engaged

Feel like your social media page is in a vacuum? Ever wonder why no one stops by your blog, or why you have so few comments on your social media posts? The answer is probably that you need to both engage and foster an atmosphere of engagement. I don’t think it can be stressed enough. […] Read More

Is Your User Experience Limited to Your Web Page Only?

To create workable and beautiful products we must understand our users… and we are not our users.” – Alan Cooper, author of About Face: The Essentials of User Interface Design We’ve discussed content on this blog as its own element of social media success, but as a strategy it relates to the element of User […] Read More

5 Tricks to Optimize Customer Satisfaction With Your Online Business

A certain unnamed chain restaurant forever lost my business several years ago.  This company can try to entice me with whatever promotions they want, but after several of the worst customer service experiences in my life, I will never go back. The point is that you can design a great webpage to sell a wonderful […] Read More

Don’t Just Slap on Buttons: 5 Tips to Integrate Social Media on Your Webpage

Do you treat your website and your social media platforms as two different things or projects?  Have you taken the time to integrate your social media with purpose on your page, or do you just tag on a few “follow me” icons and call it good? Your website should act as the hub for your […] Read More

Can You Define “User Experience”?

We hear a lot about the importance of Internet user experience, but what all does that really entail?  Isn’t it more of a feeling and an outcome than an element? Well, yes, in a way.  User experience makes up the overall feelings the user has regarding the outcome of his or her interaction with your […] Read More

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