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5 Tricks to Optimize Customer Satisfaction With Your Online Business

A certain unnamed chain restaurant forever lost my business several years ago.  This company can try to entice me with whatever promotions they want, but after several of the worst customer service experiences in my life, I will never go back. The point is that you can design a great webpage to sell a wonderful […] Read More

Don’t Just Slap on Buttons: 5 Tips to Integrate Social Media on Your Webpage

Do you treat your website and your social media platforms as two different things or projects?  Have you taken the time to integrate your social media with purpose on your page, or do you just tag on a few “follow me” icons and call it good? Your website should act as the hub for your […] Read More

Can You Define “User Experience”?

We hear a lot about the importance of Internet user experience, but what all does that really entail?  Isn’t it more of a feeling and an outcome than an element? Well, yes, in a way.  User experience makes up the overall feelings the user has regarding the outcome of his or her interaction with your […] Read More

7 Tricks to Give Your Web Visitors an Optimal User Experience

Sometimes we get so focused on building what we want in a website that we forget to think about ensuring the most optimal user experience for those who visit.  Simply taking a step back and analyzing your site from a user’s perspective can bring new clarity to your page design. Here are a few things […] Read More

Get On the Road To Success With Analytics

We all know that every journey includes a destination, a plan to get there, and an adventure doing so. What we often forget about is that you’ll never get there if you don’t have the most vital piece; your starting point. The fact is, if you don’t know where you are, you have little chance […] Read More

Can Your Customers Take You Anywhere?

Have you gone mobile?  Chances are you have.  Smart phones, e-readers, and personal tablets are here to stay.  But I’m sure that’s old news to you.  You may even be reading this on your portable device right now.  But despite your familiarity with using and consuming information with your device, have you taken time to […] Read More

Do You Know These 3 Critical Things to Optimize Your Google Analytics?

Do You Know These 3 Critical Things to Optimize Your Google Analytics?

Using an analytics program on your website is extremely important when you are thinking about the optimization and development process of your website. Here is the good news; you don’t need to go any further then Google Analytics, Google’s free program.  All you need is an account with Google, and you can merge it easily […] Read More

What You Need To Know to Get Started on Google Analytics

So you’ve built this fantastic website. You’ve filled it chock full of great resources and information of value.  You’ve written a bunch of insightful blog content.  Now you begin to wonder if anyone’s even coming. You can find out all about your visitors and a whole lot more with Google Analytics. This application provides free […] Read More

Eleven Elegant Analytics: Twist Your Tongue, Not Your Brain

In our last post we discussed our “VERY” method and how by using analytics you’ll be able to determine what type of content resonates the most with your audience.  Through effective analysis, you’ll not only find out the best day of the week to post, but the best time of day as well. Don’t just […] Read More

The Future is Unbound

Well, the end of 2012 is upon us.  We hope the year has been good for you.  We at Unbound consider 2012 very successful.  We’ve had to do plenty of learning and growing, but here we still stand all the stronger for it.  We look forward to connecting with our fans and growing even more […] Read More

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