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What You Need To Know to Get Started on Google Analytics

So you’ve built this fantastic website. You’ve filled it chock full of great resources and information of value.  You’ve written a bunch of insightful blog content.  Now you begin to wonder if anyone’s even coming. You can find out all about your visitors and a whole lot more with Google Analytics. This application provides free […] Read More

Eleven Elegant Analytics: Twist Your Tongue, Not Your Brain

In our last post we discussed our “VERY” method and how by using analytics you’ll be able to determine what type of content resonates the most with your audience.  Through effective analysis, you’ll not only find out the best day of the week to post, but the best time of day as well. Don’t just […] Read More

The Future is Unbound

Well, the end of 2012 is upon us.  We hope the year has been good for you.  We at Unbound consider 2012 very successful.  We’ve had to do plenty of learning and growing, but here we still stand all the stronger for it.  We look forward to connecting with our fans and growing even more […] Read More

Don’t Blame the Bat If You Aren’t Hitting Home Runs

Why should I bother with social media?  Isn’t it just a fad?  What’s so important about engaging with my clients online and establishing personal connections anyway? Many people ask these types of questions as they doubt the impact and power online engagement has when marketing to your target audience.  Often dismissed as frivolous and a […] Read More

Listen Up: Is Your Landing Page Optimized For Conversion?

You always know when someone wants your attention when they turn the television off on you.  That person wants no distractions with your eyes completely on them.  You’d better listen up and focus.  That’s how your landing page should be: no nonsense and no interference. Just complete attention on the benefits of the sale at […] Read More

6 Great Tips on How to Create an Email Drip Campaign That Will Connect and Earn!

Remember that time you had to move and you invited everyone you knew to help out but only one or two people showed up? I bet you really appreciated their assistance.  I mean, just responding and showing up speaks volumes.  Now answer this: do you feel more or less likely in return to help that […] Read More