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bigstock-Ostersund-Sweden--August---69429763We at Unbound Website Creations simply love WordPress. All of the sites we create use WordPress because it is economical, intuitive, and simple to use. The many plugins make it possible to incorporate advanced functionality and it brings better search results. If that’s not enough, here are more reasons why WordPress rocks:

1. The WordPress Platform is FREE and Open Source

Most open source programs and solutions have hidden motives, but WordPress simply gives you everything you need to do whatever you want with your website. There’s no limits to size, coding restrictions, fees, or anything that can hamper your creativity.

2. WordPress is Constantly Evolving

Matt Mullenweg, owner of Automattic – the company that runs WordPress – and his team are constantly working to make the platform better. From fighting spam to protecting open source programming and writing awesome code, these guys are constantly updating the platform.

3. WordPress Plugins Offer Unlimited Functionality

There are many great platforms, but WordPress is the best. It allows you to create anything from a simple to advanced custom website with incredible functionality. Whether you want a photo gallery, a forum, sliders, maps, social integration, or a subscription site – it can all be done easily with WordPress plugins. You don’t even need to be a coder to make it happen (depending on your design and layout preferences).

4. WordPress Offers an Outstanding Content Management System

WordPress has the most user-friendly back-end of them all. Users with limited computer and internet experience can easily create a new page or blog post in WordPress.

5. Unlimited Style Options for Your WordPress Site

With thousands of free and premium themes available, you don’t need to create a new design from scratch. However, if you have specific design requirements, you can get it done professionally at an affordable rate. WordPress puts your dream website within your reach.

Unbound Website Creations uses the Genesis platform with WordPress to create elegantly designed, custom websites that are uniquely you.

6. WordPress is Simple and Secure

WordPress takes five minutes to install on a website, and it offers a one-click upgrade option. This easy upgrade option, together with various security plugins, work together to keep your site secure.

7. WordPress Sites are Responsive

WordPress uses free license server software, rendering pages in CSS and HTML, which allows them to show up on any devices and browsers.

8. WordPress Allows You to Start Small and Grow Big

WordPress offers a cost-effective solution to small businesses. Starting with basic features and tools, your website can grow along with your business. As your business grows, you can add additional functionality, such as shopping carts, store finders, custom landing pages, and more.

9. Search Engines Love WordPress

Search engine optimization is easy with WordPress. Clean designs, easy linking, permalinks and many other features make WordPress the perfect platform for SEO practices.

10. WordPress + Genesis = Magic

One of our favorite things about WordPress is how perfectly it blends with Genesis and all the added functionality, ease of use and flexibility of design that it brings. Read more here…

We’d love to hear about your experiences with WordPress. Do you use it? What do you love most about WordPress? Also, be sure to ask any questions you may have about WordPress and Genesis.