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Make Money OnlineIn previous posts, we discussed the importance of a website, even for a small local business. We also discussed ways to bring traffic to your site. However, I received some questions from people who don’t yet make money from their websites and that’s why today’s post is dedicated to them.

The tips below can work for you, whether you already have an established online presence promoting your core business or whether you want to build another website with the sole purpose to make money online.

Traffic is the key to online success, however, there are several ways to increase your results.

Here are some of the top tips I collected online (not all options are suitable for all businesses, but definitely explore ways you could create additional revenue streams with what works best with your marketing strategy and business vision/mission):

1. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate networks and shopping sites will pay you to advertise their products / services on your website. One of the easiest ways to make money online and all you need to do is sign up for an account and follow the directions to get code to add to your website. Payment works on a per impression / per click / per sale basis, depending on the network you use.

2. Create Digital Products

Every person has a unique gift, talent or specialist knowledge on a particular topic. Why not create your own unique digital products (an ebook or video / audio course) and sell it on your site?

There are many simple, affordable (and even free!) tools available to help you produce your materials and prepare them to be sold on your website or work with a graphics designer and pay for only what you need!

3. Automated Ads

AdWords and other automated advertising networks work in a similar way to affiliate marketing. The network pays you to place adverts on your website, and then pay you for impressions or clicks.

Some of the networks, and Google AdWords in particular, have strict policies. Be sure to check it out before you continue and stick with the regulations to ensure you don’t get suspended.

4. Banner Ads

Have you even been on websites where they have a banner saying “Your Ad Here”? You can do the same on your site. If you can show a sufficient amount of unique monthly traffic, companies will happily advertise on your site.

Tip: When you’re just starting out, contact a few businesses, asking them if they would like you to place their banner ad on your site for free for a month. Most will gladly accept your kind offer, and as you start getting paid advertisers, you can contact the free advertisers, asking them if they’d like to pay to keep their ad on your site. If not, replace it with a paid ad.

5. Start a Forum

If you’re an expert in your niche, you could start a forum where people can ask questions, connect and engage with others who are interested in the topic. It is a great way to get a lot of traffic to your site, and you can place ads alongside the forum content.

You can also create a paid forum where people pay to receive quality information from you.

6. Start a Business Directory

Get paid to list local or industry related businesses on your website. In order to encourage people to pay for this service, you should put a limit to the amount of a specific type of business that you list. For instance, if your website is about health and wellness, you should only list one GP, one dentist, one homeopath and one aromatherapy masseuse.

Alternatively, you could provide free listings for everyone, and premium listings to paid members.

7. Start a JV

Joint Ventures have become increasingly popular. You can work with your top advertisers to create a specific pitch, service, or product that is tailored to your audience. The better the pitch, the better the conversion rate, and the more sales your JV partner makes, the more commission you get.

8. Use Your List

It’s no secret that email marketing is the most effective marketing tool. If you don’t have a list yet, create one right now. Send regular emails to your list, making sure that you provide valuable content. Quality content gives you more marketing opportunities to a market that is already tuned in to your message.

9. Get Paid For Reviews

If you have a blog and some authority, you can use this to your advantage. Some people will pay you to write about their businesses, services and products.

Some people do product reviews on their sites, where they receive products for free to try and then write their honest opinions. Depending on the niche of your website, one of these options might work for you.

10. Teach!

There are many ways to get paid to teach online. You can host a paid webinar or create a course to teach people what you know best.

While most of these methods require some time and sometimes capital investment, they are certainly worth some investigation.