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We love WordPress for many, many reasons. From the state-of-the-art software to the open support, endless amount of customization and affordable hosting costs – there’s just no reason not to love it. Now there’s something more to love: WordCamps.

Whether you’ve just started your first WordCamp site, or whether you’ve been a developer for a long time, we’d like to urge you to attend a WordCamp near you. Whatever you’d like to learn at your level of WordPress experience, you can learn it at WordCamp.

So, What’s a WordCamp?

WordCamps are informal, community-organized conferences based on WordPress. Put together by WordPress users; it’s the perfect place for both casual users and professional developers to connect, share ideas and collaborate in talks about all things WordPress.

Volunteer organizers, staff, and speakers facilitate WordCamps, which are attended by a good mix of users. In most cases, there are different “tracks,” which that there may be two or three talks that take place simultaneously, allowing you to attend the tracks that suit your level of experience.

Why You Should Attend a WordCamp Near You

Everyone who has attended a WordCamp will give you a different reason why you should attend one, too, but we’ll try to keep it short.

1. Ticket Money Is Used for Good

Nobody profits from the money raised from ticket sales. Instead, it is all placed right back into funding for future WordCamp events, sponsoring local developers to continue their work on, donating to the WordPress Foundation or to fund a future WordCamp.

WordCamps are an affordable investment into your business. Tickets typically range between $25-200, but you will receive so much value in return, in addition to the networking opportunities.

2. It Is An Opportunity to Spend Time With the Community

WordPress is a community, and WordCamps give you an opportunity to connect with others. Not only will you meet great people, but you will be able to learn from others who can help you make the most of your site, and to achieve your goals. Whether you’re a WordPress user searching for a mentor, or a developer looking for clients, WordCamp is the place to find them.

3. You Can Get Real Help From Real People

Have you ever found yourself in a bind with your WordPress site? Online help is available and typically incredibly helpful, but sometimes one-on-one, live help just gets the job done quicker. WordCamp puts you in touch with people who can give you the feedback you need.

As you can see from the three reasons above, WordCamps are a great place to meet up with members of the WordPress community and learn about the many different aspects of the platform. No two WordCamps are the same, so we’d like to start by attending a WordCamp near you, but also to plug into events while you travel. That will provide an opportunity to connect with national and international speakers from around the world, increasing learning opportunities and giving you valuable insights into the world of WordPress.

Click here to find a WordCamp near you.