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loading.. SUCCESSSmall business owners and entrepreneurs are becoming more aware of the law of attraction and ways in which they can use it to build successful enterprises in a competitive world. The theories make a lot of sense, yet, some find it difficult to manifest their goals in the real world. Today, we will write about what we can do when thinking about what we want just isn’t enough to make it happen.

Real businesses often have challenges that distract us from focusing on our goals. From constant marketing to economic pressures, chronic stress, and no time for spirituality, it is no wonder that many small business owners focus only on bringing in enough income to survive.

That flies in the face of why we started the business in the first place, right?

Most people start their own businesses for the feeling it gives them. The emotions of:

  • feeling good about what they do
  • feeling fulfilled in the value they bring
  • feeling free from the bounds of traditional employment
  • feeling excited about making a difference
  • feeling in alignment with their life purpose

Have you lost the loving feeling in your business in the process of trying to survive? Or worse, is your business standing still because you’re trying so hard to feel good?

If you answered YES, I’m here to tell you today that you can have it all. That’s right – you can feel good AND get results. The two are not mutually exclusive.

4 Tips to Activate a Constant Stream of Business

Starting out, we have all the energy and ideas. However, as we get caught up in the day-to-day busy-ness of running a business, we forget or put it on the back burner.

Use this guide to inspire change and realize your business and personal goals.

1. Take a Leap

While LOA experts tell us to “Ask, Belief, Receive,” opinions are varied about whether we should take action or not. The general consensus is that you should do what works for you, because your beliefs will determine your success.

Waiting for success to materialize out of thin air should be left to those who have done the groundwork in their businesses already. For the rest of us, it requires some degree of effort.

Some things can come through attraction alone, but most of it requires some action. Don’t mis-use the law of attraction to help you procrastinate!

Step out and do the marketing, knowing that it will bring you success.

2. Stand Out!

Think about what makes people attractive to you and you’re bound to answer that they are different. If your company is the same as everyone else’s, people will not be drawn to you.

Use your unique qualities to your advantage in business and in life. Your unique gifts and abilities set you apart from the competition, and it gives you effectiveness and force.

But whatever you do – be yourself.

3. Specialize!

What are your most unique gifts? Do you specialize in a very specific niche?

The smaller you carve your niche offering, the more likely you are to draw a unique complement of customers who resonate with your offers, and the smaller your competition.

When you cast a wide net through a massive range of industry-specific services / products, you are exposed to a wider market, but also to much more competition. However, by choosing a very narrow area of specialization, you can easily become the go-to expert in your niche.

4. Enjoy!

They say a smile is the same in every language, and I like to add that enjoyment is the one emotion we all want. When you add entertainment to your marketing campaigns, you break down the defensive of your target audience. They become more receptive and become more likely buyers.

Buying decisions are first made emotionally, and then logically.

These four tips will help you to become more grounded and authentic in your business, which is bound to keep the stress at bay. You will, once again, feel good about your business and yourself, and start to attract a constant flow of business.