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bigstock-user-experience--isolated-tex-42240790----smallUnlike most brick and mortar storefronts, a virtual business never closes. With a presence online you can reach potential clients from all over the globe. Conducting business over the Internet gives you the freedom to travel and the ability to operate from anywhere in the world.

Having a company website isn’t just a novelty any more. Today your potential customers expect to find your business online. They want to see contemporary layouts and the ability to engage with their favorite brands. If your website doesn’t offer these features, not only will your business look outdated, you could also lose many potential sales to more technologically savvy competitors.

Provide the best user experience for your visitors instead by following these four tips:

1. Have a Good FAQ

With a good FAQ, your business can answer a whole lot of questions about your products and services without having to answer a single phone call. Plus, your customers can have those answers immediately. Individuals buy on impulse, and by educating them the best you can about your product you will greatly enhance the likelihood of your clientele having a positive and informed buying experience.

2. Educate Your Customer Base on Your Offerings

Use your website as a showcase of your talents. Provide photos and descriptions. Inform your audience about the features of the product and how maximum results are best achieved. Explain how your service provides the greatest value in comparison with the competition. Provide solutions to the problems your target market faces in their daily lives.

3. Keep it Simple

Don’t overwhelm your visitors with too much information all on one page. Have a clear, organized structure with different pages for different purposes. A website that is too busy will distract and throw off your visitors. Reduce text to a minimum level. Most people will skim big long blocks of words on a page. Reduce clutter and perform regular clean-ups to keep your page fresh and free from old data.

4. Make a Connection

The modern consumer likes to feel a connection with a brand when making a purchase. They want to know that you are on their side and have their best interests in mind. Use your website as an opportunity to foster that bond with your customer base. Provide multiple ways that clients can reach you with inquiries on your contact page. Add links to your social media. Invite visitors to sign up on your mailing list to greatly increase the chances that they’ll return.