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Organic GrowthWhat is “organic growth?” Well, first, unlike organic chemistry, organic growth does not involve carbon. Unless you’re a coal plant. Then it might. But otherwise, organic growth concerns the positive expansion or negative contraction of a business based on the size of its customer base.

Continually positive organic growth typically demonstrates an ability to attract and retain customers. When you have a satisfied customer base, they will advocate for your brand. This word-of-mouth creates awareness and brings in more business. This is what you want to achieve!

Having to keep your business revenues at consistent levels based on cold acquisitions alone is hard! Yes, it’s often unavoidable, but wouldn’t you like to have at least a percentage of your revenue come from repeat customers and warm leads? Every satisfied customer who comes back is one less client you have to go out and earn.

So, how can you maximize your potential for organic growth?

*Create positive brand awareness. Get out on social media and engage with your ideal target market. Don’t just create an account – interact with other pages to attract them to your brand. Offer freebies, discounts, and other items of value. Post content that resonates with your fans and provides value.

*Don’t just stop at social media. Put a whole online strategy in place. Create a blog and post regularly. Build your list by crafting a newsletter and asking your followers to sign up for it. Offer e-mail drip campaigns and other products that would benefit your clients. Design a brilliant landing page and direct your fans there.

* Really follow through after a sale. Don’t just leave your customer cold. Follow-up and ensure their satisfaction. Answer any questions he or she may have. Suggest other products or services in which they may find value.

* Spend time with your base throughout the process. Engage with them on social media. Respond to comments on your blog. Keep sending out that newsletter. Keep fresh in their minds so when they time comes they need your product or service you’ll be the first one they think of!