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copywriting word - white chalk on vintage slate blackboard isolYou invested the time and money to create a beautiful website. You’re committed to making money doing what you love, but it’s not happening as fast as you’d like. Here’s a reality check… it’s time to stop writing boring copy that leaves your readers confused and uninspired.

I know that came off a bit harsh, but I am straight shooter. I don’t believe in wasting time.  Today I am going to show you EXACTLY what to avoid when you are writing. It’s time to convert your website visitors into buyers.

Here are the top 5 mistakes website owners make when it comes to writing copy:

1. They write for everyone

Whether you are a new business owner or a seasoned business owner on some level, you still believe you can serve everyone. Your widget (insert your product or service) will benefit every single person that reads about it…NOT. You keep your copy broad because you’re hoping to catch someone, anyone who will work with you.  I get it.

Here’s the secret..If you want to serve more…you MUST market to less! Let me show you why a NARROW focus is better.

Let’s pretend you teach violin. You are looking for more business, so you run an ad.

Want to learn the violin? Lessons by the hour…$50.

You’re calling EVERYONE and no one at the same time.

Instead, do your research. KNOW who you are targeting and write like this….

We are targeting ONLY Asian Mothers of school-aged children. They have an income between 100-150K a year. There is a tradition of musical accomplishment in their heritage. They value the arts and Ivy League education. Their main dream is to have their child develop socially and get into an Ivy League school. Now we know precisely who we are marketing to.  I know this because I did my research.

Here’s the targeted ad:

Asian Mothers help your child honor your heritage.

Is little Bradley timid and introverted?  Let me help make him an extrovert using the power of music. Music will open him up to all that is waiting for him; a fantastic education, a well-read life, and lots of choices. BAM!  She’s sold! You hit all her concerns, hopes, and desires.

2. They suffer from “I” syndrome

Rule #1 NO ONE cares about you. It makes me cringe when I see I, I, I, I, on a website. Remember, WIIFM. Your reader is thinking What’s In It For Me…that’s why they are there.. not because they love you.

When they visit your website, especially the home page they want to feel welcomed and understood.  If your copy is all about you and how you do what you do they will instantly feel a disconnect.  You need to write in their language and solve their problem in a way that makes them feel like your “get them.”

3. You write only for SEO

I get it you want traffic. You want Google to put you on page one. Writing purely for the search engine will not do that, and it will bore your readers away for good.

A rule of thumb for me is I write for the reader first, and then I go back in an see where I can add keywords.  I NEVER load my content with keywords. The search engines are looking for real people, giving relevant information. That, my friends, is how you get ranked.

4. Use jargon

People get so caught up in their every day work life that they assume everyone knows their lingo. WRONG.  The surest way to lose readers and business is to use industry words in your copy.

Take the mobile phone industry for example.  They tell us what WE care about.. unlimited data, big screens, great price.  We don’t wanna know about the technology behind the phone, ok, most of us don’t.

5. They try to sound sophisticated

It is often thought the bigger the words, the smarter the writer… FALSE.  Your readers are looking for an uncomplicated read, and they don’t want to scratch their heads wondering what you are trying to say.  People will not stick around for something they feel is over their heads.  Time is limited as is patience.  This is your opportunity to connect with your readers make the most of it.

Tip: To make sure you copy is easily understood have a 7th grader read it and if they get it it’s good to go!

Copy is the backbone to a successful business. Don’t risk being overlooked because your reader doesn’t “get you”.   Let me help. I want to offer you a FREE Marketing Review!  Take the guess work out of attracting more clients!