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It’s true, Google is a behemoth and very nearly a world power…for good reason. But, believe it or not, there are people and businesses that are still not on board with Google.

Google seeks to establish a strong digital platform that can integrate to create a holistic user experience on the Internet.

There are 4 concrete and important reasons to jump on the Google bandwagon:

1. Simplicity

Simple things really are the best in every way. Simplicity is the best for maintaining your sanity, your momentum, and your brand.

The definition of simplicity is freedom from complexity, intricacy, or ornamentation.

That statement accurately defines Google’s digital suite and every tool found within it:

  • Each tool is as minimal as possible while still offering incredible functionality.
  • There’s no unnecessary, flashy branding or advertisements.
  • Tools are clearly color-coded for ease of use.

Simplicity and accessibility go hand in hand, which leads us to our next reason to hop that bandwagon:

2. Accessibility

As a business owner or entrepreneur, there’s little that is more important than accessibility to your daily needs. Google gets that, and works to make your worklife and business dealings as easy as possible by offering everything you could possibly need in one compact place.

They desire to be the one-stop hub where you can:

  • Check your email (Gmail),
  • Surf the internet (Google Search),
  • Mark dates on a calendar (Google Events),
  • Get directions (Google Maps),
  • Share files (Google Docs),
  • Watch videos (YouTube),
  • Engage in an online video chat (Hangouts).
  • Engage in instant messages (Hangouts).

Or, if you’re using Google G Suite to market your business or someone else’s, you can:

  • Keep an eye on viral trends and keywords (Google Trends)
  • Set alerts for news relevant to your industry (Google Alerts)
  • Research and manage SEO (Google Keyword Tool)
  • Manage and maintain your website reach and statistics (Google Analytics)

Plus, there’s so much more that you can do with Google’s digital suite that isn’t listed here.

3. Mobility

In this day and age, your mobility can potentially mean the life or death of your business. Fortunately, Google makes each of their tools and products available via mobile and even offline if you need it.

Imagine for a moment that you’re having a very important business lunch with a new potential client, but forgot to print off your presentation slides. Big uh-oh. But, what could impress them more than a guided tour through your presentation on Google Slides.

This mobility could mean the difference between an excited new client and a lost prospect. Never lose a prospect again because you made a tiny mistake.

4. Expandability

While Google tools and programs are pretty robust and thorough, sometimes you need a little extra. Fortunately, Google offers the capability to add-on functions through sponsored plugins and open-source options.

Custom reports and goals in Google Analytics.

Enhanced Gmail functionality with Google Labs.

In fact, Google offers documentation for developers to help add more functionality to their tools without the overhead.

5. Shareability

Last, but certainly not least, Google offers premium shareability in all that they do. Plus, they make it as easy and user-friendly as possible.

You can add individuals, teams, and organizations to just about everything you do within Google’s digital suite. This not only makes things easy for contractors or remote teams, but it can also ease your mind. Never again will things get lost in translation or get missed in the stack of inbox files.

Do you have another reason why Google is the best? Share it with us in the comments!