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If you’re a regular on my blog, and if you’ve been active on WordPress development blogs, you probably know that everyone loves the Genesis framework. Here at Unbound Website Creations, we use Genesis almost exclusively for our clients’ sites.

Why Use the Genesis Framework?

The first question new clients ask, is “Why, Genesis?”. They know that everyone loves it, but they want to know why. So here goes!

5 Reasons Why Genesis on WordPress Rocks

You don’t necessarily need to invest in Genesis if you want to build a simple personal blog or a throw-away website to test SEO schemes. But if you wish to create a branded, professional website for your business, then you need the Genesis Framework by StudioPress. It offers a great long-term solution that grows with your business. A Genesis site offers every functionality you need to turn your site into a conversion machine.

Here’s what makes Genesis special:

1. Fantastic Coding & Great Support

The StudioPress developers who maintain Genesis constantly work to ensure it reflects the best coding practices and that it is compatible with the latest version of WordPress. PLUS! Genesis is responsive [find out what that means by reading this post]

Good Coding + Good Support = Peace of Mind

 You can rest assured that updating your site won’t break it.

2. Huge, Growing Community

Genesis is not a new fad, but rather a thriving community of passionate developers, users, designers and bloggers. When you have a question, simply post it on the forum and you will receive answers from a passionate community of users.

3. Fast Development = Reduced Costs

Before Genesis, it took a long time to develop a site just right. However, the perfect marked-up code, built-in layout options, and powerful custom widgets enable me to deploy a new site in half the time. At the same time, it enables more entrepreneurs to afford decent websites. What’s not to like about that?

4. SEO-Friendly

According to SEO experts, many of the premium WordPress themes are actually damaging to your SEO due to poor coding, or lacking SEO-friendly coding. Therefore, if you use one of those premium themes, you (or your developer) will have to slave away at code to improve your SEO.

5. Common Language

In the past, if you have fired your developer, the new guy you hired would have had to redo the entire site in the language he uses. With Genesis, this is not an issue. A growing majority of developers are well-versed in Genesis and make updates or changes in no time.

But apart from all these awesome benefits, what I love most is that it allows us to create custom Genesis themes to suit any marketing strategy. You can have as many landing pages as you wish and you can do anything at all with your site, as it is completely customizable. A custom Genesis theme offers many benefits, as:

  • It is unique
  • It is memorable
  • It is styled exactly as you wish
  • It is based on your marketing aspirations.
  • It is 100% YOU

If you’re looking to take your template-style website to the next level, you need to get a Genesis site with a custom theme. It’s that simple.