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June 5 marks World Environment Day, a date aimed at inspiring more people to reduce the strain on Earth’s natural resources. The theme for 2017 is “Go Wild For Life,” which we at Unbound Webdesign simply love. That’s why we’d like to share some of the simple, yet impactful steps you can take today to greenify your business.

Most of our ideas cost little to no money to implement but can create a significant impact.

Unsubscribe from Junk Mail

Many environmentally conscious companies have stopped sending junk mail and even send bills via email, but the average American household still receives approximately 69 pounds of unwanted mail every year.

Head to for more information on how you can stop receiving junk mail from the 3,600 companies they represent. Visit to unsubscribe your email account from junk mail while you’re at it.

Invest in a Water Filter

Less than 20% of the 30 billion plastic water bottles sold in the U.S. are recycled. By investing in a water filter and reusable water bottles (stainless steel is safe and keeps your water cool), you will not only save money, but you will also reduce the strain on our landfills.

Reduce Waste

The most important step to a green lifestyle is to reduce the amount of trash you send to the landfill. Here are some ways in which you can do that:

Go paperless – Scan and digitally save all your important documents. Find a secure and reliable cloud storage platform with which to back it up, and also store it locally.

Recycle electronics – Find a local company that will collect your electronic waste (old computers, tablets, and phones) and recycle it for the materials.

Save Energy

Energy accounts for 21.3 billion tons of carbon dioxide and more than 90% of greenhouse gasses. You can conserve energy by:

  • Turning off lights in rooms that are not currently in use.
  • Using fewer lamps.
  • Opting for energy-efficient bulbs. Not only do they use approximately 20% less energy, but they also last much longer.
  • Making the most of natural light. Open the shades and consider installing a skylight to bring in more light during the day time. 

Consider Green Transportation Options

Small businesses are uniquely geared towards saving fuel as partners and employees often tend to work from home. However, if you work from an office, you can set an example by walking, bicycling, riding the bus or carpooling to the office. If you have to drive, you can use these tips to save gas (and the environment!):

  • Properly inflate your car tires.
  • Drive a bit more slowly.
  • Combine trips or carpool.

Finally, you can do your part for our planet by gently educating others to follow your example. Carefully weave the topic into conversations (don’t push it!) and when you’re asked about it, explain your choices and inspire them to consider their options.