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Children who grow up with parents who embrace the unbound lifestyle are privileged, as they are raised to take as much joy out of every day as they possibly can. It’s a beautiful thing to watch. Likewise, parents who spend a lot of time with their children, allowing them to express themselves, have the opportunity to learn a new perspective.

Children are born with unconditional love and no fear. It’s as we grow up that we develop mindsets that stand in the way of our enjoyment of life. People often say “kids learn quickly,” “kids forgive easily” and “kids are resilient.” Perhaps it’s time to look at our children and learn from them.

Let’s look at some of the things our children can teach us about living life unbound:

1. Enjoy the Simple Things in Life

Just this weekend in the mall, there was a baby in a shopping cart filled with sparkling new toys. The bottom of the cart contained a huge bag of colorful balls. There were sand toys, princess toys, and cuddly teddy bears, but all this little girl was interested in, was the snack she was enjoying.

Don’t get distracted by the shiny stuff. Focus on what gives you joy in that moment.

2. Let Your Creativity Guide You

Children rarely ask for advice or follow the guidance of adults. Instead, they dive in head first and figure things out along the way. That’s the best way to find new and innovative methods.

As adults, we can also apply this strategy to find smart and fast ways to do things.

3. Speak Up

You only need to look at your children to see exactly how they feel about something. Their feelings are written all over their faces.

As an adult, you can maintain sincerity by openly expressing your emotions.

4. Stimulate Your Curiosity

Exasperating as it may be, kids never stop asking questions. It’s this very curiosity that helps them explore the unknown. It guides them to learn new things and helps them forge a path forward.

Expand your horizons by allowing your curiosity to guide you towards brilliant new discoveries.

5. Every Day is a New Start

It’s rare for a child to get up on the wrong side of the bed. Instead, they wake up enthusiastically, excited about the new experiences ahead of them.

Start embracing each new day and you will see more positive events and experiences come your way.

Perhaps we are sent children so that we can remember to play, to laugh, and to life spontaneously. What have you learned from your children?