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Brainstorming and teamwork concept with a group of diverse business people each holding out a card with a shining light bulb arranged in a row conceptual of ideas, inspiration and innovation.Today, it is easier than ever to make success of a new start up. But it’s also much more difficult. How does that make sense? Well, there are so many new ideas, new opportunities, and tools for success, but without innovation, all the advanced technology and access to data, you are at a loss. Customer expectations are at an all-time high, and if you don’t continue to innovate, you will have a hard time retaining them. So ho do you become an innovative brand?

Every organization has a unique blend of parts that come together to create an innovative brand, but the most important factor is an ability to deliver consistently creative ideas. Together, the team will share values, behaviors, and norms that become the brand’s culture. These are the traits that build an innovative brand culture.

1. Customer Front and Center

When a company develops a sharp focus on its customers, it becomes aware of pain and pleasure points. Using this as an inspiration, the company can deliver a creative and timely approach to finding solutions, and delivers constant motivation.

2. A Heart for Service

If a company is passionate about service, they automatically drive solutions. They understand the value in teamwork, and are passionate about breaking down obstacles.

3. Collaborative Spirit

Instead of relying on a single “idea person,” innovative brands recognize the role and gifts of each person in the team to generate ideas. These brands do a lot of brainstorming together, and ideas are usually formed by combining ideas from various individuals.

4. Competitive by Nature

Innovative brands strive to be the best, so they tend to push harder. They have great resolve and are driven by wins, which boosts their passion, confidence, and energy. This is what fires up innovative teams to stay on the cutting edge.

5. Two Ears, One Mouth

Innovative brands know that listening is where the secret to success lies. It’s hard to understand or explain new ideas at the start, but these teams know how to ask questions. They are nurturing and patient, and they ask many questions to truly understand an idea and to fully articulate it. Listening brings about new opportunities.

6. Guts for Glory

It takes guts to challenge the norm. Innovative companies know how to support and develop courageous employees. More innovative leaders result in more profitable companies. They encourage people to challenge decisions, take risks and fail sometimes.

Innovative brands push the norms to create the competitive edge. Of course, monitoring and managing your culture is as important as any other part of your business. Occasionally refreshing your brand is another useful way to stay on the cutting edge of innovation.