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Building a strong business takes dedication, a solid knowledge of your industry and WordPress. Seriously, WordPress makes things easy and effective. Here are 10 simple ways that WordPress can help you build a strong business inside and out.

  1. Simple to Install and Setup

WordPress is really simple to install and setup for your website. It’s so simple that even someone with very little to no knowledge can do it.

  1. Beautiful Theme Options

Gorgeous themes! Seriously, there are some absolutely breathtaking themes out there. Even the freebies that WordPress starts you out with are pretty good looking.

The amazing and widely varied theme designs offer all sorts of functionality, but our favorite is still the Genesis Framework. Find out why the Genesis Framework makes sense for all businesses.

Wordpress Themes

  1. Easy Updates and Maintenance

In the past, updating your website required getting in touch with your developer, paying their fees and then waiting days or weeks to hear back about your site.

Now, with WordPress you can simply click a button to update your theme or plugins to the latest version. Plus, the WordPress interface is very intuitive and becomes second nature after only a couple uses. Even a novice can add a new page, update images or add a new feature quickly and easily.

Or, we do offer maintenance retainer packages for your peace of mind and busy schedule.

  1. Completely Open Source

WordPress is an open source web product which means that every able-bodied coder and designer is working tirelessly to improve and develop it. Because of this WordPress is progressive and new plugins and options are always popping up daily.

Read more about what Open Source means and how WordPress figures into the equation here:

  1. Millions of Plugins

Plugins are one of the major things that make WordPress special, and they’re only possible because WordPress is Open Source. We mentioned Open Source before, but it’s really a big deal and we can’t stop talking about it.

Plugins help improve the functionality of your website in various ways from integrating your MailChimp email list to adding a flashy gallery carousel.

WordPress Plugins

  1. Google Analytics Friendly

Having Google Analytics installed and linked to your website is non-negotiable for a serious website owner and WordPress makes it really easy through an optional plugin or through your theme choice. Ready, set, track!

  1. Responsive Capability

A fully responsive website is absolutely necessary to success in the digital space, and WordPress is the perfect option. Although this is largely dependent upon your theme choice, the vast majority of current themes are 100% responsive and still beautifully functional.


Being responsive means that your website recognizes and responds to the size of the screen it is being viewed on. A responsive website automatically adjusts the layout and size of content to make it easy to browse and find what you’re looking for. We all know how much it sucks to pinch and scroll on a smartphone….

Most of our Genesis Framework website options are fully responsive!

In conclusion, WordPress is pretty amazing and is your best choice for a trustworthy website platform. Whether you’re in need of a simple portfolio for your design business or a solid e-commerce base for your large-scale online retail brand, WordPress is your go-to.