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Change your perceptionSometimes we get so focused on building what we want in a website that we forget to think about ensuring the most optimal user experience for those who visit.  Simply taking a step back and analyzing your site from a user’s perspective can bring new clarity to your page design.

Here are a few things to consider regarding the user experience of your visitors:

Page Load

Do your page visitors have to wait for dense graphics or advertisements to load before they can enjoy the content of your page?  If you make them wait too long you run the risk of them leaving for another website so remove any items that may drag your load time down.

Easy-to-scan Text Formatting

Avoid long, clunky paragraphs.  Break them down into shorter, digestible chunks.  Don’t assume everyone reads every word on your page.  Most just scan for the important information.   Incorporate breakouts, highlights, underlines, and other formatting to draw the reader’s attention to the key details.

Provide a Media Mix

Not all users absorb information the same way.  Incorporate videos, images, and other audio-visual media to reach all types of learners.

Be Genuine

Avoid content that sounds too much like sales.   That will turn people away.  Instead be honest and be yourself.  Communicate as if you were offering help to a friend.  Your customers want to know the real you – so don’t hold back and let your personality show through.

Simple to Navigate

Make it obvious what your visitors need to do on your page.  Keep menu options visible and easy to understand.  Don’t try to be too unconventional.  If people don’t understand where to go they will get confused and abandon the page.

No Pop-ups

Do not open new windows up on another person’s computer screen without their warning or permission.  It feels intrusive and has the opposite effect of its intention.  It keeps the user from reaching the page he or she truly wanted to access and provides them with momentarily annoyance in the process.  Give your readers a pleasant experience by avoiding forceful pop-up ads.

Your Client’s Clients’ Perspective

If you provide web services for customer, don’t forget to keep their end user in mind as well.  One of the best ways to keep your customers happy is to provide a value that keeps their customers happy as well.