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Tune Into these 9 Podcasts for Entrepreneurial Inspiration

Recently, we’ve been listening to several amazing podcasts from inspiring people, sharing their views and information. As an entrepreneur, listening to other entrepreneurs on the same level or ahead of you can be a huge inspiration. Let’s face it, we don’t always have time to read blogs, but listening to podcasts is easy.  It’s especially great to listen to podcasts while you’re quietly working alone in your home office, when you go for a walk or run, at the gym, or driving.

You can use one of the many podcast apps available for your phone. Here are some of our favorite podcasts for entrepreneurs.


Hosted by Kevin Rose from Google Ventures, Digg, and North Technologies, this podcast offers both audio and video recordings and it’s highly inspirational to hear the stories of big name entrepreneurs such as Elon Musk.

A Better Life  

Rachel Rofe is a huge inspiration with a voice as soothing as honey. Each podcast shares practical action steps that normal people take to make lifestyle improvements.

Entrepreneur On Fire  

John Lee Dumas hosts Entrepreneur on Fire, a daily podcast where he interviews trending entrepreneurs such as Tim Ferris, Pat Flynn and Seth Godin. Each interview is jam packed with valuable information.

The Tim Ferris Show

Speaking of Tim Ferris, you can hear from the man himself, by listening to his podcasts where he interviews entrepreneurs and top achievers. It’s a truly informative podcast and worth tuning into.

Creative Living with Jamie Ridler

Life coach Jamie Ridler is all about inspiring creative, independent spirits and her show encompasses profound wisdom, energy, and passion for life. This is a must for creative entrepreneurs!

The School of Greatness

Former pro athlete, author, and lifestyle entrepreneur Lewis Howes hosts the School of Greatness. In addition to sharing real stories of inspiration from successful entrepreneurs, he also interviews influential people and world class athletes to share their wisdom.

The Dave Ramsey Show

Join millions of listeners who tune into Dave Ramsey’s inspiration, life changes, and practical advice every day.

Online Marketing Made Easy

Amy Porterfield is a fantastic source of information on all things online marketing. From content creation through social media, webinars, video marketing and creating online courses, this podcast is jam packed with everything you need to know.

The Introvert Entrepreneur

Beth Buelow appeals to an often-overlooked group of entrepreneurs: the introverts. Her topics are based on leadership, personal growth, relationships and business, and are aimed at introverts and those who deal with them on a regular basis.

Did we overlook your favorite podcasts? Please share them in comments so that we can hear them too!