About Unbound Web Design

What exactly is Unbound?

Unbound is a full-service web design and web services firm based in Portland, Oregon. We pride ourselves on blending beauty with functionality since 2012 and helping our fellow entrepreneurs learn how to live passionately in life and business, both locally and beyond.

Whether you’re a freelance creative, small business owner or manager at a Fortune 500 company, we’re here to help you create the perfect website design and functionality.

Is Your Brand Unbound?

We believe in living life so passionately that it positively affects the people around you. Whether that be your friends and family, or your customers. Truly living your life passionately unbound opens new doors and affords you more opportunities for true growth.

That is what we aim to do at Unbound Web Design. Because we believe in rich online interactions and building true communities for your business, we are here to help you begin your unbound journey with your digital web footprint through your custom brand website.

Being unbound means that you are living and working free from the constraints of the traditional expectations and definitions.

You are being you.
Unapologetically and beautifully you.

We Love That!

A Small Team with Big Ideas

Although our team is on the small side, we work hard to bring you the biggest and best technology and ideas that you expect.

We collectively brainstorm and strategize on each project to come up with the best and most practical solutions for your brand marketing.

We find that working as a team helps us deliver more cohesive website designs, web coding, graphic design and marketing solutions than working individually.

Not to brag, but our awesome little team has both the skill and talent to merge current technology with art and information with design to create exciting and functional communication concepts that work for your brand.

Our Founder & Our Inspiration!

Tara DuBoisThe idea of an unbound lifestyle comes directly from the mind of our founder, Tara DuBois. After following the traditional channels for “happiness” and “success”, Tara realized that something was missing.

She followed the traditionally accepted path to happiness - college, career, salary - but found that she was completely unsatisfied and unhappy despite how well she was doing on paper.

Enough was Enough!

Tara decided that the “rat race” was no longer the right course for her, and it was time to take responsibility for herself and her own happiness.

Thus, the idea of Unbound Web Design was born.

As an entrepreneur, Tara craved the natural energetic high that comes when you reach a goal or have a meaningful conversation that blows your thinking wide open. She knew she wasn’t alone in this and set out to teach other entrepreneurs to live unbound.

Since then she has surrounded herself with a stellar creative team, a group of truly inspirational clients and other entrepreneurs that are making a real impact on the world.

You Know What? It Feels AMAZING!