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Are You A Serial Entrepreneur?

Unless you pop out of bed with a big smile on a Monday morning, passionate about the week ahead, you may want to consider whether you’re in your business for the long haul. Sometimes, being a serial entrepreneur is what holds us back from living our callings.

A career as a serial entrepreneur may sound exciting to many people, and it is in faact a trendy business model. A serial entrepreneur will create a new startup, grow it until it has enough value to be sold, and then start over again.

Many serial entrepreneurs love the rush, as it suits their personality types. Is the life of a serial entrepreneur for you? If you identify with most of the signs below, you might well be one!

  • You were a born entrepreneur, owning your own business when you were still at school.
  • You are already involved in more than one business.
  • You already have plans to start another company.
  • You realize that your current business won’t make serious money.
  • You become bored with a business after a few years.
  • You are customer-centric and serious about finding solutions.
  • You don’t fear failure, but rather regret.

Whether you’re a serial entrepreneur or not, finding your calling will ensure that you move closer to living your passion.

How to Narrow Down Your Entrepreneurial Niche In 3 Steps

Being overworked and unfulfilled at work is no way to live. By finding your calling, you will be happy, which will bring more positive experiences. Here are a few questions to provoke your thoughts and open you up to finding your calling.

1. What am I really good at?

Most of us are loathe to toot our own horns, but it’s important to acknowledge your gifts in order to find your calling. What are some of your tangible skills on which most people comment?

Try AARP’s’s Calling Card exercise to examine a list of callings and narrowing down what you love doing most.

2. How do you spend your time and money?

Your personal calendar and checkbook reveal your passions, which can lead you to your calling. Pull up your calendar and bank statements from the last 3 months and look at what the entries reveal about you.

  • What or who do you spend your money on?
  • What do you do in your free time?

Consider whether the demonstrated values are in line with your values, or whether you need to adjust it.

While you’re looking at your checkbook and calendar, look at your business entries too. Which projects deliver the best returns on your time? Do these projects align with your calling?

3. What can I remain passionate about for many years?

Draw up a timeline of your life and passions going as far back as you can remember, and look at how you have evolved over the years. Are you still passionate about those things?

Now look at your current passion and try to evaluate whether you will still feel this passionate about it in a year, five years or ten years from now. Consider whether you will wake up each day with a sense of purpose, ready to face the challenges that will inevitably come your way.

Finding your passion and calling requires serious consideration. Take your time to think about it seriously. Speak to the people closest to you and take your time to research and weigh up your options. In a world of serial entrepreneurs, it is easy to make a shift that will deliver lasting career satisfaction.