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Ok, you’re convinced – you should be on Google+.

You know it’s important to your business due to its integration with search functions and how it can increase your profile in the results. Having a profile doesn’t mean joining just another social network, but joining a whole host of programs and features that can empower your company.

So now you’ve signed up, how do you achieve effective brand messaging?

Google+ has a different user demographic than the other major social media platforms.  Check out these statistics:

*Males make up 71% of the Google+ base.

*The average age hovers around 24.

*Google+ users tend to work in the engineering, software, and design industries.

These users are intelligent, affluent, and tend to be early adopters of technology. They prize thoughtful discussions on latest trends and meaningful content over personal photos or updates of what you ate for dinner that evening.

Most folks are used to Twitter and Facebook, which cater to short attention spans and readers who skim over their newsfeeds.  Google+ users take the time to both read and write lengthy posts, valuing information over platitudes.  They utilize their design skills to create stunning visuals and videos and take the time to view and comment on them.

Google+ encourages discussions on topics through its use of interest groups.

In these groups, you may seek out themes relevant to your industry or market and hold professional discussions that exhibit your expertise.  Users on these forums tend to value a diversity of thought to increase their understanding, working towards collaboration versus competition.

This all may sound quite daunting, which could explain why this platform doesn’t experience the same wide acceptance that other networks enjoy.  But instead of fearing this demographic, seize it as an opportunity to crack a market of young, affluent, fearless users willing to demo your product or services and then advocate its effectiveness thoughtfully to the rest of their followers.

Here are 4 tips to help get your message across:

1.  Use “male” action words that evoke competition, such as sports metaphors.

For example:  “Crush your competitors,” “Score big sales,” and “Conquer your fears.”

2.  Stay away from technology basics and focus on features instead.

Users on Google+ generally come from technology backgrounds.  It’s ok to assume a base knowledge of widespread programs or hardware.   They know you can download apps on their smartphones.  They have more interest in the functionality of those apps and what they can do.

3.  Key on performance and cutting edge attributes.

Affluent male users care less about value and bargains and more about having a product that delivers and expands their personal and professional effectiveness.

4.  Don’t be “fluffy.”

Puffed-up marketing language means nothing to people who just want to know the nuts and bolts of what you can offer them.  It’s not about empowering their purpose, but empowering their current abilities.