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We often struggle because we find ourselves stuck. We feel dissatisfied with the way things are, but have uncertainty regarding how to move forward. It’s as if something deep inside needs to surface but cannot.

This is a sign that your soul needs to break away and be free.

Find value in this world by adding value to it. Don’t just consume. Create. That’s when we come closest to our true selves – when we utilize our inherit talents to produce and provide.

Creation is more than just the act of doing something, however. It is making something original and new – something that the world has never seen before.

*What have you always yearned to do?
*What problem can you solve that no one else can?
*What unique talent do you possess that can help others in need?

Have courage in yourself and your potential.

Find a way, even if for a tiny bit a day, to unleash your creative abilities. Don’t worry, you may feel rusty or a bit awkward at first, but you’ll know you’ve found it because it will make you feel good. You lose track of time. You daydream about it. You feel compelled to do more.

Become a visionary.

Keep yourself challenged and keep looking forward. Release yourself from popular convention and ignore what people believe and say can’t be done. Let go of the negative voices in your head that prevent creation from happening. Let them know you aren’t listening by moving forward in spite of every thing and every one who stands in the way.

Put yourself in a positive position to create. Surround yourself with positive energy and an environment conducive to letting your creative juices flow.

*What part of the day does your brain work most creatively?
*First thing in the morning?
*Late at night?
*Do you work better at home, or do you need to isolate yourself in a library or other external location?

Eliminate filters and distractions that vie for your attention. Keep your focus on your goal.

Create now and edit later.

Don’t let yourself become your own worst critic or stop yourself before you even begin. Instead, go out and get inspired. Explore your world to explore your mind. Find greatness in your every day surroundings and learn how to make the not-so-great better.

Generate positivity.