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I’vrodin-thinker-silhouette-1022921-me been known to make drastic changes in my life.

Whether it’s one of several cross-country moves or leaving a solid job to pursue my own business, I’ve taken the plunge a number of times. Some people might ask why I would risk everything I’d built on such gambles, but to me, life is too short to spend it too long in one perspective. By gaining experiences, we gain wisdom – the true wealth of the world.

Maybe I have a short attention span. Perhaps I have a restless soul.

Either way, I tend to get frustrated by stagnation. When I am not growing my self, then I get a dreaded feeling deep inside that I am letting learning opportunities pass me by. There is just so much in this world to be experienced, that by sitting still too long I start to get crazy and itch for new stimulation.

I believe that our “self”, “soul”, “essence”, whatever you name it, is but a container that holds the sum of all of our life experiences. Good or bad, positive or negative, these experiences make us who we are at any given point in our lives. We grow from these actions and interactions in our lives. We become different people by learning from the outcomes of these events. Wisdom derives from experience.

A lot of experiences provide us with natural responses vital to survival.

We learn not to touch the hot stove and not to breathe in water. Later we learn from punishments which behaviors to display and which to avoid. Yet, new experiences can be overwhelmingly positive. How would you have ever known you loved that particular food without ever trying it or that you loved to swim without ever diving into the water? It’s that thrill of enjoying something new that feeds our souls and keeps our minds stimulated.

If we don’t nourish our selves, we will never grow.

Yes, going out of your comfort zone is, well, uncomfortable. You may stumble along the way. However, let your mistakes be your education. Learn from doing and observing. The more you experience, the more exposure you will have to the knowledge and wonders of the world. Your horizons will broaden and your perspective will change.

I value this change in perception the most.

I enjoy challenging myself to think about things in new ways and to find new solutions to old problems. While a depth of experience certainly has its value, I prefer a breadth of experience instead. You may gain tunnel vision if you stay too focused in one area. Instead try a wide variety of experiences and push yourself to take on new goals. Become the person you always dreamed to be.

Each time you push your boundaries the more wisdom you gain. You hone a foresight that allows you to make better decisions. Individuals come to you for advice. You can hold your own in just about any conversation. You become that “interesting person” that people want to get to know.

With so many others out there pursuing financial wealth, seek out a wealth of wisdom instead.

Look to find a deeper meaning and context in your encounters and be mindful in your day-to-day activities. Resist automatic thinking and reflect on what lessons you can learn from your setbacks. Consider differing opinions. Don’t worry about losing what you value. Understanding the beliefs of others helps bolster your own convictions.

Use your wisdom to overcome your fears. The more you push yourself, the more you will learn about yourself. Don’t be afraid of going against the popular tide. It’s those who question that get the most answers.

Let your self grow and enjoy the experiences your life has to offer. Soak in the opportunities for learning around you. Invest in your experiences and become wealthy and wise.

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