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It’s not unusual to feel lost at sea when the time comes to create or update your brand identity. After all, your brand must be strong enough to represent and support your products, your services, and your business

It all starts with naming your service or product and creating a logo, but that’s not where it ends. You have to consider marketing materials, website, stationery, office design, and much more. In this post, we’re going to look at the top 6 branding best practices for creative brands.

Top 6 Best Practices to Make Your Creative Brand Shine

1. Be YOUniqueBe Younique

Who doesn’t want a brand like Coca-Cola, Facebook, or Nike when they launch? Everyone does, but it’s not practical. It takes many years to build such incredible brand recognition.

Too many people try to leverage the efforts of existing brands by doing something very similar and often wonder why they fail to achieve it. It’s because they are not true to their unique being. Your company story should be woven in a manner that is unique, appealing and relevant to your market and intended audience.

Ask yourself: What makes my company stand out? Use your answer to craft your own brand.

2. Be Bold & PassionateBe Bold & Passionate

There’s a certain logic to making small and incremental changes. While this makes sense in some marketing efforts, it is also a good thing to be bold as it shows your passion.

Change should start with your logo, and when you do change that, take time to consider what it represents. Your logo is a symbol of the promise your company stands for, and you must be able to live up to it.

3. Be True to Your PromiseBe True to Your Promise

Brand authenticity is the key to success in any business. There’s no way to crop out the flaws in your business. Don’t say your service or product is the best unless it is, and you have the credentials to prove it. Until then, be honest and authentic – your customers will appreciate you for it.

4. Be ConsistentBe Consistent

Brand recognition requires consistency across all your different marketing channels, which is why it is important to stick with a common theme. Use the same types of images, fonts, and colors for your website as you do for your social media profiles, offline marketing, and office design.

5. Be SmartBe Smart

Where do you start? How do you decide what your logo and brand should look like? The simplest answer would be to hire a professional.

Creative agencies leverage the efforts of several professionals who work together to brainstorm and create exceptional branding campaigns. Between their creative talent and your in-depth understanding of your company’s brand persona and value proposition, you will enhance the brand recognition of your business tremendously.

6. Be InvolvedBe Involved

Once your brand is established, it is important to stay active and involved. Incorporate your branding into your social media efforts by including a small, but noticeable logo badge on the images you share through your Facebook and Instagram accounts.

TIP: It is a good idea to revisit this badging from time to time to ensure that it stays fresh and flowing with current trends.

In a bigger company, you have to follow a particular protocol of accepting input from a management committee, but it is often harder to accept input from people outside of your business in a startup. However, you can trust your design agency to provide proven insights into the best branding for your business. They are bound to discover something that may well have been overlooked elsewhere.