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bigstock-Heart-Tree-And-Book-46593265When you discuss your product or service with a potential client do you share with them all the statistics and technical details or do you tell them how what you’re offering will change their lives? When making a sale do you go with logic or emotion?

I get emotional.

Logic will give you all of the facts and features of the product or service, but ultimately to make a sale you have to get your clients to feel it in their hearts. They must sense the value and establish an emotional connection.

Don’t get me wrong – I pay attention to the logical aspects of a product. If I have a particular need, I want to know if the product or service at hand will meet my specifications. But in a saturated market of comparable products, I go with the one that feels the best to me.

Successful brands know that you must elicit an emotional response with your marketing to not only attract customers but to maintain them as well.

Why do you reach for that familiar brand on the grocery store shelf? Is it the one your mother always used? Were you entertained by its advertisement on television? Is it the one that came through for you when all of its competitors failed? All of those situations play on your emotion.

Building a brand personality is a great way to capitalize on this phenomenon.

Consumers are attracted to brands that share and represent their values. When creating your marketing materials or interacting on blogs or social media, speak from the voice of your brand. Let yourself be guided by your mission and vision statements. Assume an active personification of those values and you will attract followers.

That’s not all, though. You need to feel it in your heart, too.

In order for your potential customer to establish an emotional connection with your product or service, they need to feel your emotional connection to your product or service. Are you excited about what you are offering? Do you let your passion shine through when discussing your business with clients?

If you don’t feel it, neither will they. Smile! Get excited! People will sense that vibe and adapt to it. If you get them feeling good about you and your relationship with your product, they’ll associate that happy emotion with buying that product or service for their own use.

Don’t be afraid to get a bit emotional when you are promoting your brand. Let your personality and passion shine through in your communications. Soon you will form rewarding relationships with your clients that defy logic and send you on the path to success!