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your storyDo you have a story?

Think about it. How did you get to where you are today? When you look back over the course of your life do you see a certain moment in time or a specific catalyst that sparked your passion and put you on your current course?

Don’t worry if you don’t feel like you have a story. The good news is that your life story is still being written. You are in control! You can decide whether or not your story has a happy ending. You can follow your dreams, achieve your goals, and live a life you desire!

A good exercise is to visualize your funeral.

I know, morbid thought, but bear with me. Think about the person giving your eulogy. What would that individual have to say about you and your life? Did you make that big move? Did you follow that dream? Did you accomplish what you set out to? Did your life turn out like you planned?

Now write down your own ideal eulogy for yourself.

Map out your dream life starting today. Ideally, where would you rather be and what would you rather be doing? Don’t hold back. Really dig deep and have a heart-to-heart with your soul. Ask yourself if you are satisfied and complete or if you still feel as if you have some more work to do to get where you want to be.

If you still have some more work to do, then consider what it would take to reach those goals and aspirations.

Don’t get discouraged or start making mental obstacles for yourself. It’s not too late – the time is now! You can do it! Work backwards from your objective and break it down into smaller, more easy-to-accomplish steps. Suddenly things start looking more doable and less insurmountable, right?

Now that you have a roadmap to your dreams it is now time to go out and start realizing them.

Put aside your fear and doubts. No one is stopping you but you. You control your own destiny so take hold of the reins and go! Start following the steps you laid out, even a little bit at a time if you have to. Any progress is forward movement and that’s a good thing! Any positive activity gets you closer to your dreams than you were before.

Give your story a happy ending.

Don’t look back on a life full of regret and missed opportunities. Make today the day that you change for the better. When you look back and tell your story, you’ll remember this moment as the catalyst that put you on the course to achieve your dreams. Embrace the possibilities! Give your future self a gift and begin to live a life unbound!