Select Page you treat your website and your social media platforms as two different things or projects?  Have you taken the time to integrate your social media with purpose on your page, or do you just tag on a few “follow me” icons and call it good?

Your website should act as the hub for your online interaction, not just the endpoint from it.  Don’t just use social media to direct people to your landing pages, use it to get your customers involved in your brand and make them a part of the overall user experience.

Yes, social media can play an incredibly effective role in attracting your ideal customers and bringing them to your web page.  But oftentimes the synergy ends there.  If social media attracted and brought them there, why abandon it once they arrive at your homepage?

Don’t lose a potential connection, instead follow these tips to make sure the bond they felt with you on social media continues to resonate throughout the rest of your company website:

*Since social media drives traffic to your website have your website return the favor.

What if I found your website first and wanted to fan your page?  Would I be able to do so easily?  Place easy-to-locate buttons throughout your site that provides the ability for visitors to connect without difficulty.

*Have purpose in adding social media buttons.

Only offer the ability to “share” on relevant forms, articles, and other downloadable bits of information.  Don’t just indiscriminately place one on every element of your website.  Focus only on the actions you truly want your visitors to take.

*Make sure your call-to-actions don’t derail people from their primary purpose on your website.

Don’t ask people to like your Facebook page right before they check out, sending them off your page and potentially losing a sale.  Instead try providing your customers with an opportunity to fan your page and comment on their experience after they check out.

*Use social media to elicit direct feedback from your visitors regarding your website.

Ask users to suggest article ideas, promotions, and/or new products or services.  Request feedback for any design or layout changes.  Create a personal connection by giving your fans a voice a sense of community around your brand.

*Integrate all of your social media platforms into one consistent user experience on your website.

Push your blog posts, newsletters, and other communications with your fans out on all of your platforms.  Utilize tools and plugins that display live Facebook and Twitter comments on your feed as they happen.  Embed YouTube videos.  Link to upcoming events held on LinkedIn or Google+.   Ensure seamless transitions throughout all of your online presence.