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what does your passion look likeWe all want to be happy, because we know it “feels good.” Most people claim to be happy for the most part, but when you look at the characteristics of happy people, according to Psychology Today, it’s obvious that happiness lacks in our world. The good news is that happiness is within everyone’s reach.

Let’s look at the characteristics of happy people for a moment:

  • Happy people are good at managing their finances.
  • Happy people spend money on experiences, rather than things.
  • Happy people have fond memories of their past.
  • Happy people have a good influence on other people’s emotions.
  • Happy people feel that they belong in their community.

When you look at the worldwide happiness stats by countries, you will see that most of them are home to beautiful coastlines… but I’m sure that’s not the only reason why the residents are happy there!

So what makes people happy?

Is it money? Is it material belongings? Family and friends?

No. Happiness comes from inside. Of course, being surrounded by the people and things around us can be a contributing factor, but if you rely on external factors, you will have a hard time developing true and lasting joy.

My #1 Secret to Finding Happiness: Living Life Unbound

When you love what you do, it will make you shine in all you do and it will permeate your life.

How long have you been stuck in that unfulfilling career, waiting for a promotion that would make you happy(ier)? Here’s a newsflash: If you’re not happy finding absolute bliss in your career right now, a promotion is not going to make you any happier. The long-standing tradition of going to school, finding a job, and working for the next 50 years is, in my honest opinion, the killer of happiness and passion when presented as the mainstream path.

It happened to me, so I speak from experience. I loved my job, but it did not really fulfill me on a deep level. That’s when I decided to really “grow my own” and I have never looked back. A major aspect of living life unbound invites unlimited creativity, consistent growth, and appreciating the moments that happen in the meantime… when inspiration strikes.

Do you feel stuck, drained, tired and uninspired? Then it’s time to find your passion!

Live Your Passion – Feel Happy

Do you know what makes you happy? I like to listen to music and take walks along the beach, but there is more to life than that. Follow these simple steps to find out how you can find your passion:

1. Find Happy Moments

Grab a pen and write down as many blissful moments as you can remember. Don’t give it too much thought, apart from how it made you feel. Don’t give thought to the limitations of your current situation compared to that happy time – just remember (and write down) the moments…

2. List Things That Make You Happy

Now write a list of your top 5 things (don’t think too hard – just write!):

  • Top 5 things I always talk about
  • Top 5 things I search on Google
  • Top 5 types of books / TV shows I can’t resist
  • Top 5 items I can’t resist on a sale

Now cross off 2 items from each list and continue to the next step.

3. Consider Options

Look at the list of top 3 things and at your situation at the moment. What can you do around your current activities that will incorporate those top 3 things?

Starting to do some of the things you love, will open the door to your passions. From there, you can look at even better ways to pursue those passions in even BIGGER ways.

4. Live it!

Passion, just like wine, takes time to cultivate. Passion will also, at times, test your loyalties – so you may have to pencil it in your diary or sacrifice time spent on less exciting activities. Sometimes, you will have to say ‘no’ to other demands on your time, which could cause you to lose a little bit of popularity…

When you live with passion, you will be in YOUR happy place. You will be strong. Your life will fall into place. Your work will become a part of living, rather than a job. Live your passion – live unbound!