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Global Navigation Is the #1 Landing Page Conversion Killer. Here’s Why…

Increasing conversions is any webmaster’s aim since the more visitors you convert into customers, the more successful your website and your business will be. Each marketing and sales team creates its own definition of lead, be it someone who subscribes to your newsletter, or someone who buys your product. For best results, you want to make sure that your landing pages are optimized for success. A good place to start would be to remove global navigation from all your landing pages.

If you’re new to web design, you may be wondering what the fuss is about landing pages. A page is a page, is a page, right? Not so fast! Before I explain why global navigation is the number one killer of landing page conversion, let us first explain the difference between standard web pages and landing pages.

A standard web page serves a general purpose. Compare a landing page to one of your home pages, and you will see that the general pages relate more to your brand and your company’s values. It typically contains several links that help navigate visitors between the different areas of your site. The aim of standard web pages is to encourage visitors to explore.

Landing pages have a singular focus: Landing pages help the visitor zone in a specific step in your lead generation funnel. The landing page serves to provide the information your lead needs to move on to the next step in the sales process.

Visitors almost always reach landing pages from an advertisement, which is why the two marketing elements should closely match. The advert should be clear about the information visitors should expect on the landing page, and the call-to-action on the landing page should clearly explain what they get when they click on the button.

“Click here” is insufficient. Rather say “Click here to download your free e-book about…”

Research Shows That Global Navigation Reduces Landing Page Conversion

With the purpose of a landing page in mind, it’s clear to see why experts agree that you should remove global navigation from your landing pages in order to optimize conversions. Keeping your landing pages as lean and focused as possible will increase conversions.

Today’s modern consumer likes to be coaxed and told to follow the next step, so having many links on a landing page can distract them from the purpose of your page, which is typically to collect personal information from your lead in exchange for a value offer, such as:

  • A blog subscription
  • Free reports, white papers, and guides
  • Podcasts
  • Webinar registration
  • Consulting services, etc.

A landing page would contain content aimed at warming your market before they are pushed further into the sales funnel.

Successful landing pages contain powerful headlines followed by enticing content and an irresistible call-to-action. To keep the focus on the content and the next step in the sales funnel, any other navigation should be removed.

According to Hubspot:

  • Yuppiechef saw a 100% increase in conversion rates (from 3% to 6%).
  • Career Point College modified its form layout and removed the top navigation and, and saw conversions increased by 336%.
  • SparkPage’s conversion rate jumped from 9.2% to 17.6% during the month they tested removing their top navigation.

Convinced yet? We usually recommend running A/B tests to see what works for your site, but when it comes to using global navigation on landing pages, logic says that more distractions = fewer conversions. It’s just that simple.