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How To Optimize Your Brand Images For Maximum Impact

People are visual creatures, so it’s imperative that we use original branded images in our blog posts. In addition to making your post look nice, it also:

  • improves readability by breaking up chunks of texts, thus keeping your readers more engaged.
  • makes your posts more shareable – we love sharing images!
  • makes your content more linkable.
  • establishes instant brand recognition!

But don’t just use any image. If you use images that match your brand, your audience will instantly recognize that it belongs to you and they will be more likely to click on it. Consistency builds trust, which is why everyone loves a recognizable brand.

Original Images Make a Greater Visual Impact

The right image can effectively generate interest, translate, connect, and sustain engagement with your audience. When you use images that match your brand, you create instant connections that know and like your brand.

Image acquisition warrants some thought investment. Grabbing random images from random websites or Google images is a bad idea. Rather create completely original images that are unique to your own brand.

Don’t know how to create original branded images? Here’s how:

Choose Your Style

The images you create should match your brand objective or theme. Use the same styles across all platforms. For example, if you use sharp lines and corners, stick with that rather than changing to more curved lines. If you typically use animation, don’t change to photographic images.

Use the Same Color Scheme

When you’re rebranding your website, decide on a color scheme that will be used across your site, your social media accounts, blog posts and marketing materials. Choose two to three colors that you will use on your site and on all your images and stick to the same hue for each of the colors.

Create a Template

Whether you use Photoshop or Canva, create a template to make your life easier and image creation much faster. All you’ll have to do, is to import and resize your stock photo and change the text. You may have to do a little tweaking occasionally.

Be Consistent

Always be consistent with the images, colors, and fonts you use. Choose your top two to three fonts and use them in all your images. While you’re at it, use it on your website too… Why not?

Get Aligned

Consider how you want to align your text. Most people opt for centered text, but whatever you choose, make sure it is consistent.

Finding the perfect image match for your brand may take some time. If you’re a growing brand and you’re not sure what works best for you, consider A/B testing. It may seem like a chore at first, but once you find your ideal image, your brand will become instantly recognizable. That’s when you’ll realize that all this time was well spent.

Need advice? Please leave a comment below and we will weigh in.