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You always know when someone wants your attention when they turn the television off on you.  That person wants no distractions with your eyes completely on them.  You’d better listen up and focus.  That’s how your landing page should be: no nonsense and no interference. Just complete attention on the benefits of the sale at the mid-point of the hourglass.

We’ve been talking about our Hourglass Marketing System all month long.  It’s pretty easy and one can apply it to any business. You begin with social media and attract people to your fan pages.  Once there, you furnish them with an opt-in or freebie offer.  Provide value in this offer so your potential customers will drop by your blog to gain even more helpful hints and information.

Individuals who connect with your blog will want to sample the value that you can provide in other areas.  Signing up for your list should trigger an email drip campaign where you periodically send your potential clients helpful tips and tools.

The increase in personal attention and provided value should help drive your target customer through the sales funnel portion of the hourglass and lead him or her to your landing page.  Landing pages provide a point of sales conversion for your clients.  Here your potential customer will finally arrive at the bottom of the sales funnel ready to consider transacting business with you.

Make it clear exactly what visitors need to do once they arrive on your landing page.  Grab their attention right away and don’t bog them down with too much information.  Statistics show that you only have a few seconds to convince your visitor to stay on a page they’ve landed on.  Keep your message clear and concise to ensure they’ll stay.

People purchase on emotion so make sure you tie in the personal connection you have with the value you offer.  Express empathy for client and express that the benefits that they’ll receive will provide the solution to their problem.  Explain that you have been there before and that you can help them find success as well.

Here are some more things to remember:

Be sure to include credibility indicators.

These include reviews, testimonials, awards, or any other third-party evidence that demonstrates that your product or service holds value.  People generally tend to be risk adverse.  Providing this type of credibility helps relieve some of the hesitancy of making a first-time purchase.

Remove extra page elements.

Don’t lose your customer’s focus with other advertisements and message confusion.  Keep the landing page only to the specific offer at hand and let it be the only option from which to choose.

Likewise, simplify text and design.

Stick to substance over form.  You don’t want to distract your potential customer from your message.  Use uniform font styles and minimize content.

Use different types of phrases and words to evoke different types of emotions.

Not all markets respond the same way.  Vary your campaigns until you find one that works.  However, don’t change too often.  Give your strategy a chance to work.

Have a clear call to action.

Make it clear what the customer has to do and why.  Let them know this is their big moment.  Direct your potential client to the final submit button and provide straightforward instruction on the next steps.

Supply what you promised.

Don’t betray the fragile trust you’ve been building up with your potential customer thus far through the sales funnel.  Make it clear what they’ll receive, product as well as benefits, and deliver.