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bigstock-Pendulum-flying-over-a-meadow--31735226 (4)Living authentically means living true to your heart.

It means not just surviving, but following your true passions. Without passion, we can’t fully express who we are and what we value. By denying ourselves this truth, we begin to live a lie. The further away we drift from our authentic selves the further away joy and contentment will be from our grasp in business and life. Now is the time to make the change!

Are you being authentic to your true self?

Are you just “working for the weekend” and dreading the following Monday? Do you keep telling yourself “someday,” deferring your happiness and passion for some far off time down the line?

Stop. You don’t have to put off happiness to feel satisfied about the direction in your life.

There’s no need to wait until retirement to finally pursue your dreams. Start doing what you love even if you don’t have a flawless business plan or ideal financing. Perfect conditions will probably never exist if you keep waiting for them. The time is now for living a passionate life of your dreams.

You will have to work hard.

Despite what we may believe, finding success through your passion does not come about by chance or serendipity. Even those who appear born to do perform a certain activity have to put in the necessary work to achieve. The most talented professional sports stars still show up for practice. Your favorite musician still takes time to rehearse. You will have to show up as well.

Put yourself in energetic, mentally-stimulating environments.

Surround yourself with positive people who support you and inspire you to do better. Avoid negativity and those who seek to drag you down to their own level versus rising up to their own potential. Refuse to listen to those who say it cannot be done or monetized. Believe in yourself and your abilities and you will find a way.

Think back on your childhood. What made you happy?

What did you love to do? When your free time was your own, what did you choose to pursue? Revisit some of those fond memories and draw out some activities that still give you pleasure today. Consider how those experiences may help shape a plan moving forward. How can you integrate those youthful passions into your life now?

Brainstorm any and all ideas.

Make a list of what comes into your head. Follow the natural flows of where your mind goes and see where it takes you. Keep notes and look for repeated patterns or themes. Is your subconscious trying to tell you something? Bring these rough thoughts into focus and give yourself some direction and a path or two to pursue.

Compile a list of people that inspire you.

What made them successful? What journey did they have to take? How did they discover their passions? Take time to listen and learn, and be open to new ideas. The more possibilities and avenues you discover, the more likely you’ll find one that will work for you.

Never give up and don’t count yourself out before you’ve even begun.

If you struggle finding your passion at first keep pushing. Remove the negative blocks you set up for yourself in your mind. Yes, moving out of your comfort zone is scary, but so is living a life unfulfilled. Stop living a lie. We find true happiness when we are true to our authentic selves.

When you live your passion, in life and business, and it’s at the core of your business values, your ideal clients will notice and attract them to do business with you!

So what are you waiting for? Let the journey begin!