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Industry: Non-Profit Organizations

Company: Azalfa (Arizona Assisted Living Federation of America)

Type of Work: Website Functionality Updates

Azalfa, or the Arizona Assisted Living Federation of America, is a non-profit, membership-based organization dedicated to enhancing the experience and quality of life of assisted living residents through support and education.

The Challenge

The wonderful people at Azalfa found themselves with an abundance of open career opportunities and needed a way to display them and make them easy to sift through.

The Unbound Solution

To help Azalfa bring great career opportunities to their readers, Unbound Web Design updated the overall look of the website and implemented a robust job search capability and the ability to upload user resumes into the Azalfa database.

The Results

The resulting website is a breath of fresh air for Azalfa and the people they serve. With the new functionality, finding qualified candidates is infinitely easier and will allow the assisted living community will thrive.

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