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Industry: Creative – Author/Photographer

Company: Martha Brettschneider

Type of Work: Website Design

Martha is a multi-faceted creative entrepreneur who inspires mindful living through her writing and photography.

The Challenge

Martha was in need of a new website design that not only highlighted her blog and photography, but was able to grow with her business as it evolved.

The Unbound Solution

To help Martha prepare for the future, Unbound Web Design built a fully responsive website for her that is not only clean and functional, but offers tons of capabilities that allow her to expand. We also built several individual landing pages to help Martha promote her new book, Blooming Into Mindfulness.

The Results

The results are a seamless experience for Martha’s customers:

I have hired a couple of publicists to help with the book (they are just starting their work). They both think the website looks beautiful. I’m so happy I invested in getting it up and running and looking gorgeous before my book came out. As we begin the marketing push, I can direct people to my website with great confidence.”

Check out the Live Project Here