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Industry: Consulting

Company: Prolific Communications Consulting

Type of Work: Website Design

Prolific Communications Consulting is a brand new boutique consulting firm focused on helping businesses communicate more effectively both internally and externally.

The Challenge

As a new consulting business, Prolific had a lot of catching up to do, starting with a stellar branded website to tell their story and showcase their capabilities to potential clients.

The Unbound Solution

We helped Brittney from Prolific Consulting develop the perfect WordPress website for her new company with a customized template.

The Results

The final website is a clean and bright representation of what enhanced communications can do for your company.

As a new small business owner, I felt exceedingly overwhelmed by the entire process. One of my greatest concerns was finding a high-quality web designer that would represent the product and the business well. Tara embodied all of my business needs and the spirit of what I needed for my business. Tara worked quickly through the creation, collaboration/editing, and final development process for my website. Tara has this keen and unique ability to take nothing and make it EVERYTHING you could have asked for and more. My clients and colleagues consistently are taken aback and mesmerized by the website and its professionalism. Tara DuBois is most certainly a shining star in her industry, and her work will brighten your star in your industry. – Brittney Foster, Owner

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