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Industry: Social Media Management

Company: Ronnie Drake

Type of Work: Website Design

Our wonderful friend Veronica Drake has launched another fabulous business venture. She is now the proud social guru of Ronnie Drake, a social media management brand for spiritual coaches and holistic practitioners.

The Challenge

Social media management is a vast and competitive market, and the Ronnie Drake brand needed a unique look and feel to stand out from the crowd.

The Unbound Solution

To help Veronica find the right visual representation for her new venture, Unbound Web Design utilized a versatile WordPress theme that is highly customized to accommodate the spirit and personality of the brand and provide the unique functionality needed to appeal to her audience.

The Results

Let’s hear it from Veronica herself!

“I cannot tell you how much I love working with you. Building my new site has been such a joy because of your level of professionalism and heart. From the very beginning you saw my vision and your ability to bring it to life exactly add I pictured it is amazing!!! I truly love you.”

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