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Industry: Yoga Teacher Training

Company: Sianna Sherman

Type of Work: Landing Page Design

Sianna Sherman is a yoga teacher with an international following and a passion for teaching people to connect with their inner selves. She offers a wide variety of yoga education both in person and online.

The Challenge
Sianna needed to refresh her course landing page in a flash to offer her students a great visual experience as a prelude to their upcoming learning experience. She had an existing sales page, but it wasn’t quite getting the job done and Sianna thought that upgrading the design would be a great first step.

The Unbound Solution
To give her current landing page a little facelift, we worked to highlight the beauty of yoga itself through the use of stunning photography showing Sianna executing the poses that she teaches.

We also laid page elements out in such a way as to draw the eye to the specific reasons to take the offered training and how it can benefit current yoga instructors in their everyday work. Check it out or even sign up to experience one of Sianna’s classes!

Check out the Project Here