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Industry: Business Coaching

Company: System Envy

Type of Work: Website Design

System Envy offers a wide range of unique plug and play marketing automation and business basic systems that help entrepreneurs manage their work-life balance and get ahead in the industry.

The Challenge

Kerry from System Envy needed a new website that was as robust and fun as her coaching and marketing automation systems, but that still offered premium functionality.

The Unbound Solution

Unbound Web Design built a new responsive website with solid functionality and optimized lead generation options to compliment Kerry’s bold business systems and her unique style.

The Results

Kerry has grown her email list organically by 30% since this new site launched only a few months ago! That’s huge! Here’s what she says about her site and working with Unbound Web Design:

“Ok, so here is the lowdown….This website completes my life! You took my vision, waved your magic digi-wand and not only created exactly what I wanted aesthetically, but you thought of every possible way to make it uberj-functional. I honestly couldn’t love it more. You get me. You get my style. And it makes my life soooo much simpler. I receive compliments on both my sites daily (that’s not an exaggeration). It has BLOWN ME AWAY.”

Check out the Live Project Here