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Industry: Business Coaching

Company: FB Ads Method

Type of Work: Website Design

The FB Ads Method is the brainchild of our friend Kerry at System Envy. She is striving to make Facebook Advertising easy for everyone, and here’s how Unbound Web Design helped her do that.

The Challenge

Kerry was in need of a beautifully designed, responsive landing page for her new product, The FB Ads Method. This page needed to be super functional, gorgeous and suit all of her customer’s needs.

The Unbound Solution

In order to make this amazing landing page/mini site happen for Kerry, we designed a responsive page with a unique parallax design that allows for infinite scrolling without the loss of context within the page.

The Results

The results? Amazing!

“Oh, AND…The FB Ads Method site is so ridiculously good that I am getting sales from it, literally, when I’m not even in launch mode or doing any marketing. It’s also housing my course – it’s extremely functional and valuable. Really…I could go on (and on).”

Check out the Live Project Here