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We’re proud to announce that Unbound Web Design is a whole new kind of unbound!

Throughout the 2015 year, we realized that Unbound Web Design was feeling not-quite-unbound and needed a little freshening up. So, we decided that a new website and a little strategy were in order.

Set the Mood…

First we got in touch with a talented content writer and strategist to help us figure out just who we were and how we wanted to be perceived online. She helped us figure out our brand voice and then wrote some really great web content for our new site.

This content helped us set the mood for the new brand logo and website!

The Perfect Flow…

Because living and working unbound lets us be who we are, we decided to share that with you on our website through bright, friendly colors and a really gorgeous layout.

This layout and color theme provided the perfect flow for what we want to share with you.

New Information

The new Unbound is raring to go for the new year and we’re really excited to share some new projects and lots of useful information with you through our blog. Subscribe or bookmark our blog to stay up to date on cool new WordPress design information, small business tips and tricks or to just see what we’re working on.