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Industry: Spiritual Coaching

Company: Veronica Drake

Type of Work: Website Home Page Redesign

Veronica Drake is a spiritual life coach that is passionate about helping women through tough times in their life and teaching them to grow through stress and tragedy to live healthier lives.

The Challenge

Unbound Web Design helped Veronica spruce up her home page in early 2016, but as her business continued to evolve, Veronica realized that she needed to update her website to reflect her outlook and spiritual badassery.

The Unbound Solution

To achieve Veronica’s ideas, Unbound Web Design updated the homepage with a slightly gritty, but simple new look complete with easy to navigate content blocks and calls-to-action.

The Results

Hear how it went from Veronica herself:

“I cannot tell you how much I love working with you. Building my new site has been such a joy because of your level of professionalism and heart. From the very beginning you saw my vision and your ability to bring it to life exactly add I pictured it is amazing!!! I truly love you.”

Check out the Live Project Here

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