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Talking Face to Face with Your Clientele Doesn’t Have to Mean $$$

As a company in today’s global commerce world, you most likely have clients all around the world.  Sometimes email just doesn’t cut it when you need to touch base with your global clients, and you need to speak face-to-face.  Fortunately, while you can’t avoid meetings, you can definitely avoid the costs associated with VOIP conferences. The magic of Google Hangouts can provide an easy way for you to do just that via video conferencing for FREE.

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According to a study conducted in 2015, over 11 million meetings are held in the U.S. on an average daily basis. Which adds up to a total of well over a billion meetings held annually.

Don’t even get us started on the work and tasks that must be put aside to attend meetings!

Now, there’s no need to call the caterers or secure a venue – video conferencing platforms such as Google Hangouts can bring everyone together without anyone having to leave the office.

Plus, being at your computer means that you can not only pay attention but still be aware of what is happening in your inbox and with your team.

Many video conferencing platforms exist providing a wide variety of functions, but you will run up a decent bill paying for those features.  Despite having less functionality, you can use Google Hangouts completely free to:

*Host virtual networking events

*Demonstrate a project

*Share your desktop

*Network with potential clients around the world

Hangouts allow you to converse with other participants through a video chat, and distribute information through desktop sharing and document uploads. You can use Hangouts to promote events and create buzz saving on heavy advertising and promotion costs.

Google+ provides the ability to send out virtual event invitations via email and automatically schedule your event or meeting directly into the recipient’s calendar.   You may also record and share your meeting or presentation on Google+ afterward.

With the time saved using social media to plan and conduct meetings, you can free up more time for yourself to get things done. By reducing the costs spent in planning and organizing these meetings, companies can utilize those funds elsewhere – such as focusing on the growth of their business.

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