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backupAs a web master, backing up your site files becomes a crucial part of your daily life. Let’s face it – hackers will always try to compromise your site, servers will fail, or you will mess up (as I have done before). After spending copious amounts of time managing, tweaking, and changing your site to make it perfect, the last thing you want to do is to try re-do it exactly as it was from memory. You can’t afford to lose all the hours you have poured into it. Backing up your site on a regular basis can offer a quick solution for restoring your site in the event of a failure.

If you’ve been searching for a reliable method, then UpdraftPlus is an amazing free option. It will help you create automated backups of your WordPress installation and allow you to easily restore older versions from Google Drive, Dropbox, or any of a wide range of cloud storage solutions.

How Does UpdraftPlus Work?

Once you have installed and activated the free UpdraftPlus plugin, you need to configure it.

  1. Go to Settings on your WordPress Dashboard, and navigate to UpdraftPlus Backups.
  2. Go to Configure Backup Contents And Schedule. You can schedule backups for anything from every four hours to once a month, and you can set different intervals for your files and database, if you wish.
  3. Under Copying Your Backup To Remote Storage, you can choose where you want to send your backup files. Simply follow the on-screen instructions to set up your preferences.
  4. Save Changes to complete the set-up.

It’s as simple as that. Updraft Plus also has a Pro version that offers even more flexibility and function, such as site cloning, multi-site use, and storing your databases in multiple locations.

Why Do I Love UpdraftPlus?

First, they have a great support forum, and you can receive priority support by purchasing the premium plugin. It’s the ideal solution for backing up, restoring, cloning, and migrating your WordPress site.

Half a million people are using Updraft Plus and I’m happy to be one of them.

Easy Configuration – Even beginner webmasters can easily set up their Updraft Plus accounts.

Completely Flexible – You can store your backups in any of the most popular cloud storage solutions, email them to yourself, or keep them on the server. Schedules are flexible too.

Proven, Reliable Backups – Updraft Plus is used by some major websites of up to 12 Gb in size, which is much, much bigger than your website and mine. It has been tested extensively and it delivers.

Four Price Plans – You can choose the free plan if you have a small website, or the 2-license plan for single sites. The business plan is ideal for companies with up to 10 licenses, or, if you’re a developer, you can install it on as many sites as you wish for only $145.

If you don’t have Updraft Plus yet, you should go right ahead and try it out. You’ll love it too!