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Will you engage with me?Feel like your social media page is in a vacuum? Ever wonder why no one stops by your blog, or why you have so few comments on your social media posts? The answer is probably that you need to both engage and foster an atmosphere of engagement.

I don’t think it can be stressed enough. You need to involve yourself in conversations online if you want to attract people to your social media page, your blog, website, or landing page. People love interaction and to feel that they belong. Online platforms present a great opportunity to give people a sense that they play a part in your brand.

You want people to have a strong connection with your brand not only to establish them as clients, but also to create advocates who will champion your products and services.

Unfortunately, you can’t just slap up a cute kitten photo or ask people how they felt about the big game. That is unless you run a pet store or promote a professional sports team. You need to make your interactions part of an overall strategy.

*Inject your personality into what you share and keep your messaging positive. Negativity will turn people away. Share your successes and help lead others to their own success as well.

*Put yourself in your client’s shoes and truly come to understand them. Seek out the answers to their questions and provide them in forums and group discussions. Establish yourself as a trustworthy expert in your field.

*Stay away from overly promotional language. Focus on the value you provide versus blanketing forums with what you are selling. It’s not about making sales offers, but how knowing you will benefit them.

*Keep the material you share relevant to your business and your target market. Demonstrate your knowledge so when those in contact with you need your goods and services, you will be the one they come to first.