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2013Well, the end of 2012 is upon us.  We hope the year has been good for you.  We at Unbound consider 2012 very successful.  We’ve had to do plenty of learning and growing, but here we still stand all the stronger for it.  We look forward to connecting with our fans and growing even more in the next year.

A new year, a new look

Unbound has really started to find its position in the market, and has morphed into something a lot more fun, but a lot more different, than what we ever originally planed.  As a result, we must craft a new strategy and a new business model.  To follow a plan for another vision would be illogical.  To find true success we need to capitalize on Unbound’s own strengths and niche offerings, not follow a map for another framework’s destination.

So please look forward to new programs, services, and packages that Unbound will offer with our new rollout coming in January.  We plan to overhaul our current image and unveil a new branding that focuses more on whom we’ve become and where we plan to go and grow.

What does that mean for you? 

First, by streamlining our processes and implementing a more linear program, we can operate more efficiently and effectively to serve our clients better.   We hope our website and blog become great references for those looking for tools to empower their marketing strategies online.  Redesigning our offerings will also bring new packages and services better suited to meet our customer’s needs.

We very much hope you’ll join us on our journey and provide us plenty of feedback along the way.  Unbound appreciates every single one of its fans out there and we hope that you all have a prosperous 2013!

As always, we welcome your comments and feedback so please feel free to ask questions or leave your tips to share as well. We plan to get all of our outlets involved so be sure to check us out not only here at the blog (or make it easier and sign up to get the posts as they go live!), but on FacebookTwitterLinkedinPinterest, and Google+…and YouTube!

Share your thoughts, stuck points, and successes!  We are here to Unbound you from the overwhelm online marketing presents!