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Why Flat Design Will Improve Conversions on Your Website or Mobile App

Flat design is reaching maturity in the design world, but why is it so important to your business?

According to Forbes, it is our increasing familiarity with digital interfaces that is inspiring major corporations such as Microsoft, Google, and Apple to move to flat user interfaces. Such companies are picking up on users’ improved skill in engaging and interacting online. As we’re becoming more familiar with the concept of interacting with devices, we’ve come to expect interactivity. This is a dream come true for designers, who are able to convey the information they want the user to have without having to apply big, shiny buttons in bright and unsightly colors.

Flat design is the minimalist designer’s dream come true. It is fresh, new and offers a range of real benefits for your business. Let’s take a look at what makes flat design so important in modern web design.

But First…What is Flat Design?

Nothing more, nothing less – Flat design uses shapes in a distinct two-dimensional style. There’s no embellishment – just a flat interface that is easy to use.

Simplicity – Interface elements, icons, and buttons use simple shapes that allow intuitive interaction.

Sparse Typography – Bold typography should match the design style and should be matched with simplistic, yet effectively written content.

Bright Colors – Flat design uses vibrant hues of bright colors, and often, designers use up to eight colors equally.

Why You Should Consider Flat Design

Now that you understand what flat design is, you may wonder why it’s a fantastic idea to consider including a website makeover before the busy season…

Flat Design is Evergreen

Flat design basically removes any design styles that can date your website, thus future-proofing your website to help the style remain relevant for longer. That reduces time and money wasted on frequent redesigns to stay in vogue.

Flat Design is Functional

The modern consumer doesn’t want to jump through hoops to achieve his or her objectives, so it is important to make your site as simple and functional as possible. Many of the older, outdated designs contain elements that serve no useful purpose, which – as we learned with the advent of the user experience movement – is detrimental to the UI/UX. Better user experience equals improved user interaction.

Flat Design Embraces Minimalism

Flat design makes the web more efficient. There are no excessive design elements to clutter up your website, which helps it to load faster and easier. It’s especially useful for mobile pages, as sites don’t have to resize to work on smaller devices.

Ultimately, flat design is clean, uncluttered and beautiful. It ensures that your brand portrays a tidy, modern image. When you’re deciding on what you want to include in your brand make-over, consider flat design.