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Previously published in Soulwoman eMagazine – March 2013 Transformation Issue. To download current issue for FREE click here!

We live in a world of transition, both positive and negative.  Sometimes we transform on our own accord and sometimes we must adapt to the environment around us.  Even if we resist, the change still occurs and the cycle of transformation continues.  However, I have found that you don’t always have to accept the negative changes in your life.  You have the ability to go through your own metamorphosis and transcend them.

From a young age through my early adult years I had always heard the same message regarding work and success.  I followed the steps society had prepared for me – graduating school, completing several levels of higher education, and then entrance into the corporate world.  Once there I strove for the highest achievements and equated my own personal success with the title after my name and the dollar amount on my paycheck.  One day I would achieve success.  One day I would find happiness.

I kept after this notion for years, and when the success and happiness became elusive, I simply worked harder assuming that my employers would recognize and reward me for my efforts and I would finally achieve joy and peace of mind.  Someday my sacrifices would all pay off.

Then one day, I realized that happiness isn’t something that you achieve.  Happiness is a frame of mind.  This notion that financial security alone equaled success and happiness had deprived my soul of its joy and left in its place an empty, hollow void.  I felt isolated, alone, and betrayed.  The message had been loud and clear: work hard and you will find happiness.  I had worked hard.  What had been missing?

I began to soul-search.  I cannot deny it took a toll on me.  I struggled greatly to find understanding.  What was my purpose?  Where was my place in the universe?  I was lost and the only map I had took me in the wrong direction.  I needed transformation.  It was time for my metamorphosis.

I came to realize that true happiness comes not from the value that you can derive from the world, but the value you can offer it.  When we focus on getting instead of giving we end up living a life wondering what’s in it for us and waiting to receive it.  Then we wonder why no one cares about us after we’ve spent a whole life caring about no one else.

With this realization, I thought deeply about what value I had to offer the world.  I discovered it didn’t help to focus on weaknesses, but to see what strengths I could rely on to bring positive energy to those around me.

I find the greatest fulfillment in life through my connections with people.  I have a knack for building strong relationships and establishing trusting friendships.  I love helping out and collaborating.  My true happiness comes from bringing clarity of mind and joy to others.

I feel that my opportunity to travel to Romania on a “volunteer vacation” solidified this belief for me.  During this journey, I assisted in building a community center that would maintain an after school program and house less fortunate families.  I had a truly life changing experience and it left quite an impact on me.  From this trip I realized that we all have quite a lot learn from each other as people of this world and through our combined strengths we can truly affect positive change in the world.

After that, I began to see society and the world differently.  I broke away from the paradigm of traditional work and started to visualize a different marketplace of the future, one in which entrepreneurs from across the globe could unite under similar values to achieve mutually beneficial results.  Instead of fierce competition, collaboration would hold the key to success.  Most importantly, women would lead the way.

With this vision in mind, I dedicated my life to helping women small business entrepreneurs design marketing systems to help them break free as well.  I believe that in life you should have freedom to focus on what brings you joy, unbound from obstacles that keep you from realizing your dreams.  My transformation began when I decided to live unbound.  I urge you to break free and begin your transformation as well.

As women, it’s time to ignite our passions and lead the way!

Previously published in Soulwoman eMagazine – March 2013 Transformation Issue. To download current issue for FREE click here!