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Industry: Creative Services and Artists
Company: Shirona Fine Art
Type of Work: Website Redesign

Shirona is an exceptionally talented multi-media artist that found herself in need of a portfolio website that was as flexible as her artistic interpretation.

The Challenge
Shirona came to us with a broken website that was in a serious state of disrepair. She was in desperate need of a solid, functional site that showcased her vibrant collage art pieces and was easily shareable with art galleries and potential customers.

The Unbound Solution
In order to help Shirona grow and develop her art, Unbound Web Design built a mobile-friendly portfolio site to house her digital art gallery. The site is minimalistic yet very functional and is designed to focus on the visual elements of her art rather than the bells and whistles of the site itself.

The Results
Shirona loves her site and uses it exclusively to showcase her artwork for potential galleries and buyers.

“Working with Tara at Unbound was a delightful experience. Beginning with careful listening – Tara understood my needs and responded creatively, quickly and professionally. Emails and phone messages were answered immediately, and the work was completed when promised. But beyond the professionalism of Unbound I’ve experienced a warm, positive and joyful attitude towards the mutual task of creating a website. Bottom line – I am very pleased with my new website!”


Check out the Live Project Here